I was in Year 11 and with the extra study, my brother Sean with a disability and mum’s depression, it all got a bit too much.  I was always late for classes and some days I didn’t bother going in at all because I was so tired.

I kept bursting into tears at school and eventually I got a referral to a carer support worker.  I guess she was kind of like my case manager.

During school holidays I attend events with other young carers which is awesome.  I have made lots of new friends, Mum is happy for me to go and it gives me a break from all the stuff at home.

When I was studying, my carer support worker also organised some tutoring for me so I was able to catch up on a lot of the work I had missed.

This has been a positive experience for my whole family. We just feel like we have more of a support network.  I love Sean, he is my brother and with the help I got, I don’t feel so burdened with the stuff I need to help him with.

We asked Kelly what she gained by being involved with the Young Carer program:

  • It gave me the support and encouragement to finish Year 12

  • It stopped me from feeling like there was nothing to look forward to

  • I made some new friends who I still keep in touch with – we have
    a lot in common

  • Things are calmer at home and mum and I are working together to 
    support Sean.