Kelly’s story

I was in Year 11 and with the extra study, Sean acting up at home, and mum’s depression, it all got a bit too much. I was always late for classes and some days I didn’t bother going in at all because I was so tired.

Young Carer Program

If you are a young person who cares for someone; a parent, friend or sibling, you are not alone.

Our Young Carers Program can help young carers like you; to help you to stay at school, take a break and connect with other young people who care for someone too.

The term young carer refers to young people 18 or under, who take some kind of responsibility for looking after someone with a long term illness, a disability, mental illness, drug or alcohol issue or who is frail or aged. 

If you are 18 or under and going to school, or would like to return to school, our Young Carer Program can help.

If you are over 18 or not at school, we can assist you through one of our other program areas: aged, disability or mental health. 

As a young person caring, you might help out with:
●   shopping
●   cleaning or cooking
●   giving medicines
●   paying bills
●   showering and dressing 
●   emotional support
●   or just making sure things are OK. 

Carer Support Workers Young Carers

We may have a carer support professional work with you for a short period of time.  They will meet you at school, home or where you feel comfortable to address your carer needs.  Everyone's situation is different, so they will listen to you and work out how best to assist you.

Young Carer Events 

We run events to give you the opportunity to meet with other young carers, try new things and have some time out.  

Just give us a call on 1800 052 222 if you know a young carer who could do with a bit of extra support - or if you are a young carer yourself.