Have a look at the courses available at Discovery College

December 29, 2018/

Discovery College is the ‘education programs’ arm of Headspace. https://headspace.org.au/headspace-centres/bentleigh/#more-info

The courses are created by people with varied experiences in mental health, who share their knowledge of what works. Every course is developed and delivered equally by both people with lived experience of mental health issues and health experts, and participants also have their say about what they want to learn. People from all sorts of backgrounds take part, like young people, clinicians and learning specialists.

In 2019 Discovery College will deliver two of their courses at our Frankston site – a 4-week Mindfulness course from Wed 27th Feb and a Nutrition session in April. There are also many other course topics being delivered across various sites in the southern region.

Caring for your own mental health is important for all carers

If you are interested in learning more about the courses available at headspace Discovery College you can view the course guide here