Disability Programs

If you care for a person with a disability, your needs and challenges may change over time.  Through our Disability Program we provide short-term support and assistance for carers.  You may be caring for a child, teen, adult or older person.  We recognise that services and supports can shift and change – and being a carer may be the one constant.   We aim to help you find balance in your caring role.

We may be able to help you make sense of what you need.  Carers are usually referred to our disability program after ringing our phone service.

Carer Support Workers Disability

We may connect you to a carer support worker for a short period of time. They can assist you by telephone or meet with you face-to-face.  They can provide advice and emotional support.  Every situation is different so much of their job is to listen and work out how best to assist you.


A respite support plan aims to have you take regular breaks to ensure that you do not get to the stage of feeling completely overwhelmed or worn out.  Examples of planned respite might mean having a carer visit on weekends to spend time with a teen who has a disability.  There may be camps or recreational events that provide opportunities for the person you care for and also give you a break.  We can help you to think about and plan for these breaks. 

During 2018/2019 many of our clients will be transitioning to the NDIS. During this time our capacity to provide respite may change but if you have any queries, please phone us on 1800 052 222 and we can tell you about eligibility and provide you with any forms which need to be completed.

Stay in touch with a fortnightly newsletter

The Respite South fortnightly newsletter is a useful way for you to find out about local respite and recreational activities. You’ll find information on carer events and workshops and general news. Subscribe to Respite South newsletter on our Resources page.

Carer Workshops

We occasionally host or promote events and workshops designed to update you on services or support your wellbeing.  Some have an eligibility criteria but most are usually free and occur at locations throughout Melbourne’s south.  Disability workshops and events are promoted through the Respite South fortnightly newsletter. See our events and workshops listing for more.


Josie’s story

I recently moved from Gippsland to Carnegie with my son Ben. He’s 11 and has autism with global developmental delay. We enrolled Ben in a local special school but I wasn’t sure where to start looking for respite and recreation services.

There is more information about Disability Resources on this website.

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